Julia Brand, Artistic Director
LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR

Professional model for more than 10 years and Chief Operations Officer at LUXE Paris, Julia Brand is also the artistic director of the big show of the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR final. She is the boss of the runway, the one who directs the rehearsals, coordinates the progress of the challenges and ensures that all the finalists are highlighted in a fair and equitable manner.
Julia is also like the mom of the finalists. The one we call when we need advice on a pose or an accessory or when stress suffocates us...


Viana Oaks,
Assistant to the Artistic Director

Professional model and professor's assistant at In-Nova Modeling Academy, Viana was also the first runner up of the 2018 LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR. She is therefore the ideal person to assist Julia with the finalists. She knows the competition well and has a long runway experience.


Stavros Hexem

Official Photographer

Professional photographer, writer and model, Stavros knows fashion photography from every angle. It is he who will have the exciting but difficult task of capturing all the important moments of the final so that we can broadcast them in the pages of our media sponsors. Stavros will also take an official photo of each of the twelve finalists. His slogan is: I dont immitate, I innovate.


LadyD Beauregard, Official DJ,

DJ for 11 years, LadyD is recognized for its themed musical evenings where participants are invited to dress according to the subject of the day. She is therefore like a fish in the water when it comes to setting to music the challenges of our final, a mission that she has met with flying colors for four years.


Tenan Nox, Chat Host

Host of the final of the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition for several years now, Tenan Nox is the one who allows us to know each of the finalists better thanks to her written description of the show. It is also Tenan who skates and jokes while the computer records the scores that determine the winner of the competition!


Diana Balhaus, Voice Host

Diana is also a regular at the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition, which she has already hosted in the past. Top model for several years, she knows well the emotions of such a competition and transmits them to us wonderfully well with her superb voice. His work will be particularly important this year as the final of the competition will be broadcast live on Youtube.


Coco St. George, Host of the Judges

Coco is there to ensure that the judges' voting process runs smoothly. In constant communication with the Artistic Director during the challenges of the grand finale, she ensures that all the judges have time to properly assess each of the candidates.


Nida & Seraph, Official Broadcasters

Villa Media

Co-owners of Villa Media, a machinima company, Nida and Seraph are also fashion enthusiasts, which has led them to broadcast several prestigious events in the SL fashion industry. We are therefore very proud to announce that it is this great team that will broadcast our final live on Youtube.


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