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Selected from 340 submissions, the 30 semi-finalists of the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition also deserve a good hand of applause!


Annough, Ksenia, MorganeClair, Romina, Sally and Valsnia!

Well done to Annough Lykin, Ksenia Jovinavic, MorganeClair, Romina Milev, Sally Yachvili Waydelich and Valsnia ! 

6 SEMI-FINALISTS Display Website WEEK 5.

Belinda, Imogen, Misery, Bella Rosa, Nonoya & RoyaleSun!

Ladies and gentlemen, let's applaud the semi-finalists Week 4! Well done to Belinda Rhode (Ms Belro), Imogen Spark, Misery Babii, NightSkitten (Bella Rosa Amore), Nonoya and RoyaleSun!

6 SEMI-FINALISTS Display Website WEEK 4.

Angelinka, Madee, Maribel, Mary, ObiAi & Shanti!

Here is the third group of semi-finalists! Congratulations to AngelinkaNega, Kupu2 (Madee), Maribel Penucca, Marilisa91 (Mrs Mary Aries), ObiAi and Shanti Tehani!

6 SEMI-FINALISTS Display Website.png Wee

Zaara, Kendall, Laycie, Lenyasun, Stormy & Sylver!

Here they are! The second group of semi-finalists! Well done to IamZaaraKhan, Kendall Palmer, Laycie Pearl, Lenyasun, Stormy Spires Westerlow and Sylver Vendetta Lumeria!

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Becky, Eleanor, HuniPet, Jude, Jade & Tara!

Here they are! The first group of semi-finalists! Well done to Becky Kenaan, EleanorJean (EJ), HuniPet Delicioso, Jude Tatham, Jade Pono and TaraAers!

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