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LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR

Becky Kenaan and RoyaleSun runners up

Valsnia, from India, won the prestigious LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR title and the nice sum of L $ 50,000 in cash that came with it!

Also shining in her wake were Becky Kenaan, 1st runner up, and RoyaleSun, 2nd runner up.

PHOTOS: Monica Querrien

The grand final of the competition took place on Sunday. In a grandiose production by One On One Agency, the twelve finalists walked on the theme '' A Ball to Save the Planet '', presenting what they considered to be the ideal LUXE Paris outfit to participate in such an event, in tribute to Greenpeace and its benefactors Elton John and Stella McCartney.

Valsnia, Becky Kenaan, RoyaleSun, Annough Lykin, EleanorJean, Hunipet Delicioso, Imogen Spark, Jude Tatham, Ksenia Jovinavic, Laycie Pearl, Nonoya and TaraAers all brilliantly rose to the challenge, competing in imagination and elegance.


Valsnia, however, stood out with a look inspired by her country's sun goddess, Sakthi. Wearing the LUXE Paris Emeraude ball gown and adorned with Zuri jewels, she also enhanced the ensemble with a headpiece in the shape of the sun.

"In India, only 56% of the total population has access to electricity," Valsnia told judges and the public.

''It breaks my heart to think about that. Why I get to keep this privilege and another girl cannot. Why do I get to read my books with controlled temperature and light at my fingertips when another child has to walk miles and miles to access a streetlight for his education?

''The only way to move forward and make sure energy is available to all is by tapping into a resource that is universal, nondiscriminatory. I chose to dress as the Indian Sun Goddess, Sakthi, to insist that we move towards solar energy and achieve one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.''

Becky, for her part, chose to wear a gown from the LUXE Paris Brewin collection, made from the artwork of the RL Canadian painter Dave Brewin. ''Entitled New Beginnings Through Change, the artwork which infuses this dress exemplifies nature's wonderful biophilic beauty and the delicate eco-diversity of our planet'', highlighted Becky.

Also wearing a LUXE Paris Brewin dress, the Above, Royale honored our oceans and the marine life in her styling. ''The scales tattoo represents the many varieties of fish found within our oceans'', explained Royale.  ''Without them, the many nations who depend on our oceans for food would perish or have their lives forever changed.''


Carrying an important message for the future of humanity, the final show of the competition '' A Ball to Save the Planet '' was also very moving. Avalon Chrome, LOOK of the YEAR 2020, delivered a farewell speech filled with passion and with a voice sometimes broken by emotion, sad to lay down her crown but very proud to continue her collaboration with LUXE Paris, now as designer.

Valsnia was also deeply moved by her victory, reporting that her fingers quivered on the keyboard as she addressed the judges and the audience via public chat.

''Wow! I can't believe it'', she exclaimed as the crowd cheered her on.

''I feel like I am dreaming. Never the moment I entered this contest, or during the process of this amazing journey, I thought to myself that I would be LUXE Paris Look of the Year!

''I mean, look at these amazing ladies! There is no one who is less than the other.

''But today, standing here, I feel as if I have achieved one of the best things I ever wanted from SL. Being part of a movement! The feeling of completeness fills me because LUXE Paris is more than a brand.

''I will do everything in my power to fill the big shoes Avalon Chrome is leaving.''


Valsnia, Becky and Royale were elected among twelve finalists, themselves selected among 340 submissions.

The finalists were evaluated by a jury composed of 12 personalities from the fashion industry and the media world: Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, LUXE Paris owners-designers, Frolic Mills, founder of BOSL and Miss Virtual World, Ponchituti Boucher, co-owner of One On One Modeling Agency, Avalon Chrome, LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR 2020, Naar Rexen, owner of In-Nova Modeling Academy, Adonis Lubomir, owner of Swank Event, Ahn Amore, owner of the Womenstuff group, Nany Jurado, owner-designer of Bon Amour Hair, Chemak Kamala, owner-editor SL Confidencial, Orion Baral, Chief Operator at The SL Enquirer and Laura, representative of Zuri Jewelry.

A video of the final, captured by Villa Media, is available on YouTube

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LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR
The twelve finalists
on Hollywood Boulevard!

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The twelve grand finalists of the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR contest played the stars brilliantly last Saturday, during the first challenge of the competition.


Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn, Elisabeth Taylor ... the biggest box office legends were there as Annough Lykin, Becky Kenaan, EleanorJean, Hunipet Delicioso, Imogen Spark, Jude Tatham, Ksenia Jovinavic, Laycie Pearl, Nonoya , RoyaleSun, TaraAers and Valsnia stormed Hollywood Boulevard!

In a grandiose setting and production, signed One On One Agency, the finalists took turns to interpret their favorite star, reinventing her wardrobe in the style of LUXE Paris.

All exceptional, they made the task of the jury difficult.

The judges Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra (LUXE Paris), Avalon Chrome (LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR 2020), Frolic Mills (BOSL founder), Ponchituti Boucher (One On One Modeling Agency), Naar Rexen (In-Nova Modeling Academy), Orion Baral (SL Enquirer), Chemak Kamala (SL Confidencial), Laura (Zuri Jewelry), Ahn Amore (Womenstuff) and Nany Jurado (Bon Amour Hair) had to assess the finalists on the quality of their interpretation of the theme (dressing a star in LUXE Paris for a movie in particular), their styling and their stage presence.


The scores allocated during the Hollywood challenge will be added to those of next Sunday, when the last challenge, “A Ball To Save The Planet”, and the grand finale of the contest will take place.

This last challenge, SUNDAY July 11th, 9 AM SLT, will be immediately followed by the crowning of the new LUXE Paris ambassador and this moving event will be open to the public!

Watch our website because your limousine will be waiting for you here in a few days.

From now on you can watch the Hollywood challenge, broadcast by Villa Media on YouTube, simply by clicking on the button below.

Monica Querrien also captured wonderful photos of our finalists as their favorite star. Just scroll down!

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LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR



It is in a bucolic atmosphere that the twelve finalists of the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition met the jury for the first time on Saturday  June 19th.


The Judges Brunch, produced by One On One Agency in an elegant decor by Joe Blake, was the first stop in the competition final. Until then, the jury had based its assessment on the photos submitted but this time the judges were able to see the Big Twelve in person and above all, to hear them on their aspirations and goals.



The finalists LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR are Annough Lykin, Becky Kenaan, EleanorJean, Hunipet Delicioso, Imogen Spark, Jude Tatham, Ksenia Jovinavic, Laycie Pearl, Nonoya, RoyaleSun, TaraAers and Valsnia.

Each finalist took the floor to highlight her strengths and explain how she intended to play her role as ambassador, if elected LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR.

The hosts of the event, the owners of LUXE Paris, Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, then handed over the microphone to the judges who questioned the finalists in order to measure their ability to interact with the public, on behalf of LUXE Paris.


There were some charming questions and some rather unsettling ones but all the finalists came out brilliantly. The elegance of the Big Twelve was also indisputable.

The work of the jury will not be easy because all have shown that they have the makings of a star. The rest will depend on the work, the involvement and the enthusiasm of each. On how much they want to win this prestigious title!

The next step of the final is a challenge-show on the theme '' Reveal the LUXE Paris star in you ''. The finalists must choose a famous actress and dress her in LUXE Paris for one of her movies.

Hollywood! Take out the red carpet!

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Annough Lykin

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Becky Kenaan

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Hunipet Delicioso

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Imogen Spark

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Jude Tatham

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Ksenia Jovinavic

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Laycie Pearl

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